TrackQueen gives you analysis, background info, comments, lyrics, videos and other content about your currently playing song.


The track description.

About (Grover)


Audio analysis (Grover)

This is where you'll find things like samples used, analysis of the sound or overall themes, credits, and other random facts. This content is sourced from ChatGPT and Genius.


With annotations from Genius

Genius (Doja Cat)

Not only will you find lyrics here, you'll often see “annotations“ from Genius, which provide explanations, analysis, or even theories about the meaning of the lyrics in the track. Sometimes this content will come from the actual artists themselves. Genius calls this a “verified annotation.“ Lyrics here are provided by Musixmatch.


Comments included

Comments (Kodak)

This is where you can see what other people are saying about the track. The content here is sourced from YouTube. Yes, it's video comments, but those comments are more often about the song than the contents of the video.


Bios, videos, and tracks

Artist (J.Lo)

Browse videos of the artist, read their bio, view their top tracks, and more. Lots of content coming in here from Spotify, Genius, YouTube, and Giphy.


Related content

Discover – Maroon

This is where you can find some inspiration for what to play next. Check out similar artists, other videos related to the song, or tracks that sound like what you're currently playing.

Audio Search

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Audio Search

Forget Spotify. Just use audio playing near you. I use this to find the songs playing at the local wine bar and cafe. They play cool music there. I aspire to be one of those cool music people. We're talking frequent visitor to Pitchfork type of people. I go on Pitchfork too, though. For the Drake reviews.

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