Terms of Service

This page is in progress. If you have questions about TrackQueen or know what should be on a ”Terms & Conditions page,” please contact john@trackqueen.app.

Legally, I think I'm obligated to say something to you about how if the app causes your phone to go absolutely nuts and delete all of your data or it tries to call your dad, that's on you. TrackQueen has no responsibility for any issues you have with your phone or your Spotify account and you have no guarantee that this service will always work or that it will always be available. The app can change its terms at any point. Literally nothing is being guaranteed to you here. Welcome to the Internet.

The app displays creative assets like images, lyrics, graphics, and other content that have copyright owners with no affiliation to TrackQueen. They are accessed and displayed via the APIs of Spotify, Musixmatch, Genius, YouTube, and Giphy. TrackQueen is able to use the content only according to the developer terms that they've written and enforced. If there is a problem with the way copyrighted work is being used on this website or in the application itself, or if TrackQueen is violating any developer terms contact John Canelis.

TrackQueen has no legal requirement to offer you sick beats in perpetuity. Having said that, please enjoy the following marvelous jams: